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Tirta Empul Temple - Ubud Bali

Balinese Dancer

Tirta Empul Temple - Ubud Bali

Balinese Dancer

The Multi-faceted Balinese Culture

Bali, also known as Island of The Gods, evokes every notion of paradise, with its beautiful beaches, endless natural wonders, and magnificent art. And yet, its unique culture made up of warm people, rich history, colorful festivals, and delicious food is what consistently draws people to return to Bali.

Hinduism, the main religion of the island, plays a big part in molding Balinese culture, with many festivals dictating island-wide observations, celebrations, and daily rituals. In addition, Balinese culture is heavily influenced by Indonesian culture, which is grounded upon genuine warmth and respect for customs and tradition. It is their commitment to preserving a tradition that has kept the thousands of temples and altars erect all over the island – which is now one of the biggest tourist attractions of Bali.


Warm, friendly, and welcoming are three words that perfectly describe the people of Bali. The island is home to people of different races and religious backgrounds, who live in harmony. They are known to be very tolerant of other cultures’ customs and religious practices. Over and above that, the locals never fail to embrace visitors as one of their own. It is for this reason that you will always feel at home in Bali.


Bali is believed to have been inhabited for millions of years, but cultures and villages were established when the Austronesians migrated from South China. During their time on the island, they cultivated rice and introduced the irrigation system (subak), which is still used to this date. History enthusiasts can visit the numerous museums and sites located throughout the island to learn more of Bali’s rich history.


Given the diversity of on the island, Balinese food is equally diverse. Comprising of fresh ingredients grown on the island with fresh seafood, Balinese cuisine has been regarded as one of the most exquisite cuisines of the world. During your time in Bali, taste the tantalizing satay with peanut sauce, roasted suckling pig (Babi Guling), slow cooked duck (Bebek Betutu), and rice complete with mixed vegetables, meat, soup, and chili sauce (Nasi Campur).

To learn more about Balinese culture, history or people, our Concierge would be delighted to set up a tour or an itinerary complete with the cultural attractions of the island.